EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan To Rabbi: “Don’t Judge Me”

Michael Jackson’s former spiritual advisor is making some pretty bold comparisons between MJ and Lindsay Lohan, even throwing in some accusations about Lindsay’s dad, Michael.

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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach says both Lindsay and Jackson share “severe daddy issues” and that Lindsay’s problem specifically stems from abandonment on the part of her father.

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“She knows the problem in her life, abandonment on the part of her father, who may see her die within his lifetime, Boteach said. “Joe Jackson always wanted to be the star, Michael Lohan can save Lindsay’s life, but only if he stops courting fame first.”

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In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Michael Lohan says it’s wrong for Rabbi Shmuley to judge him.

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“While Rabbi Shmuley is entitled to his opinion, it looks like his spiritual advice unfortunately didn’t do too well for Michael Jackson,” Lohan said. “I never abandoned my daughter or any of my children, nor will I ever. As a rabbi claiming to be a spiritual person, he has no right to judge me when I’m the one who’s been behind the scenes trying to help Lindsay until such a time when I had no other choice but to go public to get her attention—not the attention of the public.”

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Both Michael and Rabbi Schmuley’s comments come at the heels of Lindsay’s probation hearing next week where it’s rumored the judge could send the actress, 23, to jail for violating the terms. Lohan, who has been adamant about keeping his daughter out of jail and getting her into rehab, tells RadarOnline.com that he plans to be at Lindsay’s hearing in Beverly Hills on May 20.

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