EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Gia Finds Post-Bachelor Love with NHL Star

Bikini model Gia Allemand was in the final three in last season’s The Bachelor and although she didn’t receive the final rose from hunky pilot Jake Pavelka, her time on the show did bring her love. In an exclusive new interview with RadarOnline.com, Gia dishes about her NHL star boyfriend, the ring he gave her, and how her reality TV stint brought them back together.

Gia and hockey player Chris Campoli met through friends three years ago, but split up after he got traded from The New York Islanders to the Ottawa Senators and was forced to leave Gia in New York.

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”It caused a lot of strain on our relationship and we ended up breaking up and I had a hard time dating…so I went on The Bachelor,” Gia said.
However, after the show, the couple rekindled their romance.

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“I’m glad she did the show. It made us both realize how much we missed each other and need each other,” Chris said about their reunion. The couple are currently living together in New York City while Chris has a break from hockey. Gia even has some new hardware to symbolize their commitment to one another.

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“Yes, it is true, I am wearing a ring on my wedding finger! Chris got me a promise ring,”  Gia added about the man in her life. Chris hopes Gia will move to Ottawa soon.

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They’re even considering going back to reality television as a team on The Amazing Race.

“Chris and I would make a great team because we are both really competitive,” Gia said. “We always find a happy medium and a way to get through things.”

In addition to her amazing love life Gia has been really busy since The Bachelor.

“Gia is reviewing a number of exciting opportunities.  Her modeling career continues to be a success.  In addition, we are working on opps for television shows, commercials, and appearance bookings.  Says Gia’s Agent and Publicist Penelope Jean

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