EXCLUSIVE: Coach Who Left Tiger Has “No Regard For A Person Like That”

Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’ long-time swing coach, gave the disgraced golfer his resignation Monday, and RadarOnline.com has now learned exclusively the real reason behind Haney’s sudden departure.

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A source close to Haney tells RadarOnline.com that despite their long partnership, and having worked closely together for six years, Haney no longer felt able to continue working with Woods as he has “no regard for a person like that.”

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In his official statement, Haney told the Golf Channel he’s had great times working for Woods, but feels it’s his time to step down, for which he did not give a specific reason.

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The source fills in the blanks though, telling RadarOnline.com, “Hank is a very proper person. He is a good and moral man and very private.

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“He’s been horrified by the revelations that have come out regarding Tiger and his behavior and quite frankly says he has no regard for a person that acts like that.

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“Hank met Tiger 15 years ago and was totally blown away by him. He absolutely adored him and could spot his amazing talent – he knew he would go far.

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“When Tiger asked him to be his coach he had no hesitation, he was absolutely thrilled. He viewed Tiger as a diligent, private, intelligent person and he had nothing but respect for him.

“But that has changed and Hank no longer feels able to work with him.

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“Hank doesn’t want to be mixed up in that kind of, you know, whatever’s going on. Tiger’s not turning it around, maybe he’s not trying hard…I don’t know! I really don’t have an answer for that. But Hank is not the kind of man to get involved in anything like that, he’ll stay away from it, no comment, even if he knew something was going on, which I don’t believe that he did.

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“Ultimately, the years that they were together just ran out. And Hank gave it a ton of thought and just decided I’m done. And when Hank is done, he’s done, there’s no persuading otherwise.”

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