Charlotte Lewis: Roman Polanski Said He Slept With All His Actresses

Charlotte Lewis, the woman who came forward Friday and accused Roman Polanski of sexual abuse, said the filmmaker told her he slept with all of his actresses.

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As reported exclusively, Lewis’ friend since childhood, Jon Jacobs, said the actress was beautiful but extremely vulnerable at the time she met Polanski.

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Jacobs also emphatically said Lewis is “not a liar.”

Now Lewis has told London’s Mail on Sunday that Polanski told her, “If you’re not big enough to have sex with me, you’re not big enough to do the screen test. I must sleep with every actress that I work with. That’s how I get to know them, how I mold them.”

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Polanski is currently under house arrest in Switzerland facing extradition to the United States.

Lewis told the Mail that she turned down Polanski’s advances when they first met in 1983 as she was going to audition for “Pirates.”

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She told him she had a boyfriend and left Polanski’s apartment. But she came back later and won the role. Lewis says she never told her mother what happened. “I was just  too ashamed,”  she said.

The actress said she needed the money and has carried around the burden of being sexually abused by Polanski until she finally came forward Friday.

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Her friend Jacobs told that he first heard about the charges a few month ago.

“I met Charlotte when I was 15 and she was 14 and we both used to go to the clubs and as gorgeous as she was, she was never promiscuous around me and didn’t sleep with the guys who were trying to get with her,” Jacobs told

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