British Actress On Roman Polanski: I Was Sexually Abused

A 42-year-old British actress is alleging that “she was victimized” by controversial director Roman Polanski when she was 16 years old, has confirmed.

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Charlotte Lewis, who starred in the Polanski film Pirates, spoke at a news conference Friday saying “he (Roman Polanski) sexually abused me in the worst possible way when I was 16 years old.” Lewis is represented by high-powered attorney Gloria Allred, who said she if Charlotte’s allegations are true, they “are relevant for his sentencing.”

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After being a fugitive from justice for more than 30 years, Polanski was arrested in Switzerland in September 2009 for unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in 1978. He is under house arrest and is fighting extradition to the U.S. where he faces up to two years in California state prison.

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Allred says “If Charlotte’s allegations are accepted as true; then Mr. Polanski was able to victimize another child while he was a fugitive from justice.”

The legal age of consent in Paris is 15.

Allred says she has taken the case to the Los Angeles Police Department and the LA District Attorney’s Office. While Lewis would not give specifics, she said “In addition to the fact that both myself and his previous victim were underage, I believe that there are other similarities in the crime that he committed.” 

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She continued, “Mr. Polanski knew that I was only 16 years old when he met me and forced himself upon me in his apartment in Paris. He took advantage of me and I have lived with the effects of his behavior ever since it occurred. All I want is justice.”

Through her 20 year career, Lewis was on an episode of Seinfeld and multiple TV shows. When asked if she was shopping a book deal, Allred responded by saying “next question.”

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