Bret Michaels Recalls Gravest Moments, Says Hemorrhage Like “Migraine Times 10″

Bret Michaels opened up Wednesday in a satellite interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, his first interview since a brain hemorrhage nearly killed him last month, and has all the details for you.

Winfrey started off the interview with a bang, telling the Poison star “Bret you’re alive, you’re alive!”

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The 47-year-old rocker said that his April 21 hemorrhage (bleeding at the base of his brain stem) felt “like a small handgun went off in the back of my head. It felt like a pop. They call it a thunderclap — it’s like a migraine times ten. It ran from my temple down to the back of my skull. I knew something was wrong.”

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Michaels was rushed to a Phoenix, Arizona hospital, where he said he overheard a doctor telling his girlfriend Kristi that the situation was a grave one. He said he began praying for another chance.

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Michaels told Winfrey he said in a prayer, “I know I’ve done a lot of rotten things, I’m asking for a break here. If you can cut me a break this time, I promise I’ll be better in the future.”

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Ever the showman, Michaels said he kept his bandana on throughout a string of grueling medical procedures.

“I said, ‘If I’m going out, I want to go out rockin’,'” he said. “Some form of a bandana or cape, if I could go out right — not in that hospital gown.”

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Michaels was discharged after nearly two weeks in the hospital and told to rest for six weeks before getting back to work. His doctors said he is expected to fully recover.

“I’m so happy to be talking to you, to be alive,” Michaels told Winfrey. “To have such great family around me, such great friends.”

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The rocker is a finalist on this season’s Celebrity Apprentice; the champion will be crowned in the show’s live season finale on NBC Sunday at 9/8c, though it was unknown Wednesday morning if Michaels would be cleared to participate.

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