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Alien USB Alert

We don’t know about you, but the LAST thing we want is a green alien informing us when we have mail! But if you have youngster in the house, they might appreciate the Disney Alien USB Email Alert which connects to your private email account –even when you’re not on it — and pesters you to attend to your mail ! It supports gmail, outlook express and POP3 account and and informs you not only every time you receive a personal email and but also when the mail piles up.

When new mail arrives (every 2 seconds here) your personal alien will make the sound effects, twinkling and “floating mail.”As if that weren’t annoying enough, with the Keyboard Alert Mode, the Alien interacts with your typing motion, too. Type on your keyboard, and watch the Alien respond! Watch us toss Alien across the room! Film at 11:00.

$32 at usb brando.