Want To Tell Your Boss Off? There’s An App For That

iHateIt “Personal Disapproval Assistant” is the hilarious new iPhone app from Yay Robot which provides sound effects and phrases to fit every occasion. Want to tell your annoying friend to buzz off ? Hit the “Wrong Buzzer” key. Parents want you to do your homework? You could go with the “Get Outta Here Ya Bum” but at the risk of confiscation.

The app comes with one page of 12 sounds and additional 12-sound pages are available for purchase, at $0.99 a page. You do have the option of previewing each page for a one-time free trial before deciding to buy though. By all means, buy the page where you can record you own, unique sounds ($2.99.) 

Want To Dress Just Like Your iPhone?

The Yay Robot developers came up with a fun page where you can sample the sounds and phrases. The site itself posts a cautionary note about when it may not be appropriate to use the app, which is inadvertently the funniest part:

“Some situations you may think twice about include: security checks, police interrogations, or anywhere else where someone has the power to order a body cavity search if you annoy them.  Use at your own discretion!”

There’s An App For That: Witty Kitty App

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