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VIDEO: Pam Anderson: “I Take Full Responsibility” For Tax Problems

Dancing With The StarsPamela Anderson isn’t side-stepping her tax issues, RadarOnline.com has learned.

In fact, she says “It’s my own fault, I take full responsibility.”

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The Baywatch beauty owes $493, 000 in back taxes. “I was in a construction lawsuit and I’m still in that lawsuit and that was a little snowball effect last year,” she explained.

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“I kinda got myself in a little trouble last year. I hate to owe anybody anything and it just feels terrible to be in a situation– that I think a lot of people are these days, So I’m working on it.”

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The always honest Anderson tells Hollywood TV “I’m doing the best I can and I’m going to make it all work.” Pam says she has business managers and project managers, but “I know everything that’s going on in my life.”

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And the dancing diva says she did not go on Dancing With the Stars to pay off her taxes, she says “I’m learning how to dance.”

And, she jokes, “If I win I wanna dance with (President) Obama.”

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Pam and her dancing partner Damian Whitewood will be on Dancing With The Stars Monday at 8 on ABC.

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