There’s nothing like a made-for-TV (and guilty pleasure) movie to make your Saturday night in even more worthwhile.

The Hallmark Channel’s Freshman Father focuses on a Harvard University freshman that unexpectedly finds himself balancing single fatherhood with his studies.

Annie Potts plays a friendly psychic that tries to help him while Kim Zimmer plays the dean who threatens to pull his scholarship.

And, as you get your summer BBQ plans in order, might we suggest getting some inspiration from a BBQ themed episode of the Food Network’s Unwrapped. Get the back story on KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, B&G Foods Baked Beans, BBQ Fritos, Cookshack Smokers and smoked meats from Sadler’s Smokehouse. Yum!

Three Rivers (CBS)
Cops (FOX)
It’s Me or the Dog (Animal)
Unwrapped (Food)
Dateline: Real Life Mysteries (TLC)

America’s Most Wanted (FOX)
Renovation Realities (DIY)
Freshman Father (Hallmark)
Dear Genevieve (HGTV)
Disappeared (TLC)

Pit Boss (Animal)
Disappeared (TLC)

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