TV: Friday Hot List

Can you remember a time that E! didn’t exist? What did we do before Joan and Melissa ripped apart all the red carpet fashion or Ryan Seacrest gave us all the celebrity dish or Joel McHale commented on everything the week in pop culture gave us and more? Well, believe it or not, there was a time when the world was E! free—20 years to be exact—and tonight the channel celebrates their 20th birthday with a retrospective called E! Celebrates 20 Years of the Celebrity Revolution. It’ll be a fun and wild look back at the front row look that E! has given us to all the celeb’s lives the past two decades.

And immediately following, Joel McHale looks back on all of E!’s amazing and original programming on The Soup Presents: 20 Years of Takin’ Some E!. He looks back at every amazing show that E! has created from Anna Nicole to the Girls Next Door to what we did before we could keep up with those Kardashians!

Wife Swap (ABC)
Friday Night Lights (NBC)
Past Life (FOX)
Whale Wars: The Aftermath (Animal)

20/20 (ABC)
Dateline NBC (NBC)
E! Celebrates 20 Years of the Celebrity Revolution (E!)

20/20 (ABC)
Miami Medical (CBS)
The Soup Presents (E!)

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