PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin — Mom First, Dancer Second

Kate Gosselin took a break from her rigorous training for Dancing With The Stars Thursday to spend some time with her kids outside their Wernersville, Pennsylvania home, and has all the shots for you.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin – Back On Mommy Duty

The reality TV mom wore all black as she watched her eight kids scamper around the yard and ride in a miniature motorized car.

PHOTOS: Kate and Tony Go Cruising

This week, Gosselin told exclusively that she and her tots are thankful that, despite a questionable performance, viewers kept her in the mix on ABC’s popular ballroom dancing competition.

PHOTOS: Dancing With The Stars Rehearsal

“I’m really grateful to the viewers that voted [for me,] because my dancing needs a lot of work, and they’re keeping me here,” Kate told us exclusively. “And I appreciate it because I need to face my fears, I need to conquer my fears and most importantly, my kids need to eat popcorn and watch me on Monday night because seriously, they’d be so upset.”

PHOTOS: Kate Spends Time With Kids During Dancing Break

Dancing With The Stars airs at 8/7c Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

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