PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Back To Being A TV Mom

They’re back.

Kate Gosselin and the kids are returning to a TV near you and caught up with them Thursday as TLC started filming new reality TV episodes.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin And Kids Start Filming Kate Plus 8

As you can see in these new photos life has returned to normal – normal for the Gosselin kids, who have grown up on TV.

PHOTOS: Kate Trying To Keep Up With The Kids

TLC recently announced that it will air a series of specials of Kate Plus 8 and is also doing a new show with Kate. Jon has given the network permission to film the children again, after revoking it.

Jon Gosselin Hides In Bushes When Photographers Get In A Fight

On Thursday the camera crew followed Kate and the kids at their Wernersville, PA home. And Kate, an absentee dancer, looked a bit frazzled at times. (Jon accused her of being an absentee mother when Kate was on Dancing With The Stars.)

VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Suffering Post DWTS Depression

Jon meanwhile has moved out of his brother’s place and into his own apartment, as reported. He will not be a part of the reality specials or Kate’s new show.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin’s Moving Day

He is, however, still drawing a paycheck from the network and that seems to have calmed him. When his last attorney began attacking Kate in the press, Jon fired him. As reported exclusively Thursday, Jon has hired a new lawyer but has also said he wants to works things out amicably with Kate.

PHOTOS: Jon Does Work Around The House While Kate Does Shopping

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