PHOTOS: Jon & Kate Gosselin Both At Pennsylvania Home Sunday

It was almost like the good old days of Jon & Kate Plus 8 — almost.

Jon and Kate Gosselin were both photographed Sunday at the Wernersville, Pennsylvania home they once shared, and has all the pics for you.

PHOTOS: Jon & Kate At Pennsylvania Home

The reality TV mom, fresh off her stint on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, was snapped at a local supermarket stocking up on groceries before heading home.

Jon, in the meantime, was at the house and seen playing with the kids and corralling their toys out of the garage.

PHOTOS: Jon Plays With Kids In The Yard

The two were not snapped together at any point throughout the day.

Regarding the current custody controversy between the two, Jon Tweeted last week that he had fired his attorney Anthony List and that “Kate, her attorneys and I are moving forward to work out things privately and amicably.”

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