PHOTOS: As Jon & Kate Battle Over Custody, Nanny Picks Up Kids

While reality stars Jon and Kate Gosselin are fighting over custody of their eight kids, neither of them was there Wednesday to pick up their children from school! has the pictures of America’s favorite kids.

PHOTOS: Nanny Picks Up Kids From School

The nanny picked up the Gosselin children from the bus stop in Reading, Pennsylvania. Super mom Kate was still in Los Angeles after two days of Dancing With The Stars performances. She escaped elimination for another week and will return to Pennsylvania soon to take care of the kids and continue her rehearsals in her basement.

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Jon filed legal papers Wednesday seeking primary physical custody of the children and also hoping to modify his child support payments. He claims Kate is an “absentee mom” because she’s appearing on Dancing With The Stars in Los Angeles.

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Kate’s attorney Mark Momjian told exclusively that Kate’s legal team will be filing a response and vigorously defend her position.

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Clearly Jon is going to face a brutal legal fight. Momjian told “Kate has been the primary nurturing parent in the kids’ lives since their birth. No one has ever challenged, including Jon, that Kate is a loving parent and puts the kids first.”

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