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PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Moves Out Of Brother’s House

It’s moving day for Jon Gosselin. The father of eight moved himself into an apartment in Reading, PA and has the pictures.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin’s Moving Day

The reality show dad packed his clothes and belongings in garbage bags. And from the pictures, it appears he did the move all alone.

PHOTOS: Jon Does Work Around The House While Kate Does Shopping

As first reported his new apartment has several bedrooms and it’s a lot closer to his children and ex-wife Kate.

Jon Gosselin Hides In Bushes When Photographers Get In A Fight

Jon had been living with his brother since breaking up with girlfriend Morgan Christie.

PHOTOS: Kate Trying To Keep Up With The Kids

In the meantime, Kate is having Dancing With The Stars withdrawal—but has rock hard abs as a reward for all her hard work.

VIDEO: Kate Gosselin Suffering Post DWTS Depression

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