PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin – A Hole Lot Of Trouble!

He ditched his wife Kate — so maybe it’s only fitting that on Thursday, Jon Gosselin found himself pulling himself out of a ditch when he apparently lost control of his 4-wheeler on the property of the family home near Reading, Pennsylvania.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin – A Hole Lot Of Trouble!

Jon — who’s involved in a nasty custody fight with his ex-wife over who will have primary physical custody of the kids – is on daddy duty, while Kate does a series of interviews to promote her new book, I Just Want You To Know.

PHOTOS: Kate Gosselin Prepares For Dancing With The Stars

This past week, in addition to appearing on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, Kate has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show, and Thursday night, she’ll appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin Watches Kids While Kate Is Away

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