PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin — $10 For His John Hancock

So maybe Jon Gosselin might not be as famous as his ex-wife Kate, but the guy still has a following. The reality star was charging $10 for his autograph — and a chance to pose with him — at a Frederick, Maryland bar Thursday, and has all the pictures for you.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin At Autograph Signing Event

The ex-TLC star actually drew a decent crowd to The Greene Turtle bar, as he was donating his time and face not for his own gain, but rather to help out his brother’s children’s little league team.

PHOTOS: Jon Gosselin’s Moving Day

Jon looked to be ready for summer with a snazzy new new hairdo, although he was missing his flashy Ed Hardy threads we’ve come to expect from the Pennsylvania papa.

PHOTOS: Jon Does Work Around The House While Kate Does Shopping

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