PHOTOS: Jersey Shore’s Snooki Becomes A Biker Babe

Jersey Shore‘s favorite guidette Snooki could be on the prowl again with help from a little M&M-men and motorcycles. And, has the proof.

PHOTOS: Snooki And Angelina Have Fun With Motorcycles

Miami’s newest-and tannest MTV divas, Snooki and roomie Angelina, swapped cold gelato for something hotter, getting up close and personal with an electric blue crotch rocket-sport motorcycle-that is.

EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Snooki Dumped Emilio -Believes He was Using Her To Get Famous

Even at work, the ladies still have their priorities, taking a break to check out the macho merchandise.

PHOTOS: Jersey Shore Men Beef It Up In Miami Beach

With some female persuasion, Angelina snagged a lucky guy’s digits, while newly-single Snooki’s spirits perked up when she hopped on the chance to take a free ride on a mystery man’s motorcycle.

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