PHOTO: Jesse James Mistress #5 Merilee Gerth Clad In West Coast Choppers Gear

Was it an odd fashion statement or just laundry day? You be the judge.

The alleged fifth mistress of Jesse James, Merilee Gerth, was snapped Thursday night as she wore a West Coast Choppers shirt outside her Los Angeles home, and has the pic for you.

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Gerth, who left her house to walk to a nearby liquor store with her brother, is the ex-West Coast Choppers employee who would go on to sue James — the company’s owner and husband of Sandra Bullock — for sexual harassment, collecting a reported six-figure payday as a settlement.

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“Merilee looks like all of Jesse’s other mistresses,” a close friend of Gerth’s told exclusively. “She’s in her mid to late thirties, has long black hair, blue eyes, pale skin and is covered in tattoos.”

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