Pamela Anderson No Longer Seeing Red

Pamela Anderson is shelving the famous red Baywatch swimsuit – for good.

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As the bikini babe makes waves on the small screen in the current series of Dancing With The Stars, Pam has so far rejected an approach to star in a big
screen version of her former hit surf show.

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Paramount executives are reportedly begging the star, who shot to fame as sexy CJ Parker in the 90s lifeguard show, to change her mind and appear in
the forthcoming flick.

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But the 42-year-old said the show should stand alone in history.

“They always ask me to do it,” Anderson told Britain’s News of the World.

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“I like Baywatch the way it was. I liked it as a TV show. I’m not a big fan of remaking television shows.

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“But I know they want me to take a look at the script. So I don’t know, I’ve yet to make a decision.

“I liked being in it back then.”

The bodacious star last donned the famous crimson swimsuit when she walked the runway during a Fashion Week event in Miami Beach.

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