Own A Rare Piece Of The Apollo 14 Mission!

With renewed interest in the space program due to Buzz “Dancing With The Stars” Aldrin, the time seemed right to auction off the cloth name tag, which was  part of the spacesuit worn by Dr. Edgar D. Mitchell during 1971’s Apollo 14 mission. Heritage Auctions’ Grand Format Space Exploration Auction is slated to take place live in Dallas and online at HA.com.

Exclusive Interview: Buzz Aldrin

The value of the name tag — which Mitchell wore for nine hours on the moon — has been estimated at $75,000-plus, a steal, according to Heritage Auctions’ Michael Riley.

“The prices for these sets have reached $350,000 more than once,” Riley said. “It’s been a number of years since any other lunar surface-worn name tag has been offered to the public and it will likely be many more years before another becomes available. Clearly, this would be the centerpiece for any serious space collection.”

The auction takes place April 21; for more info, check out www.ha.com.

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