EXCLUSIVE: Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman Has A Date – Over Worker’s Comp

Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman is scheduled to attend a June 15 hearing for a worker’s compensation case that started more than ten years ago, according to the State Worker’s Compensation EAMS database, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Suleman worked as a psychiatric technician at a mental hospital in Norwalk, California from 1997 until November 2008.

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The first claim she filed, in 1999, came after she was injured in what was described as a “riot” at the mental health facility, according to California Department of Industrial Relations records.

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Records show Suleman received $167,000 in disability payments over several years for that injury. She received disability payments until at least August 2008. Her employer stopped her payments in July 2001, but she appealed to a workers’ compensation appeals board, which ruled in 2002 that she was, in fact, temporarily disabled, and the payments resumed.

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But, Suleman is also seeking compensation for a 2001 auto accident, in which she said was traveling from a worker’s compensation-related doctor’s appointment.

Suleman said at a previous appeal hearing that her 2001 injuries aggravated her 1999 injuries to the point where she could barely move. In an interesting twist, court docs against Suleman’s fertility doctor, Dr. Michael Kamrava, show that Suleman did show up to an appointment at the doctor’s Beverly Hills office just five days after she said she was incapacitated.

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Suleman’s octuplets celebrated their first birthday last January 26.

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