Modern Family Star Has A Gay Crush On Evan Lysacek

Openly gay actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who stars as a gay attorney and adoptive father on the hit ABC sitcom Modern Family, has a crush.  He’s obsessed with Evan Lysacek!

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“I’m not hiding it,” Ferguson says in the new issue of OUT magazine.  “I hear he lives in L.A. too, so it’s just a matter of time before we meet.  Although I don’t know if he’s gay.”

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Ferguson says his man-crush with Evan dates back long before the ice skating champ began appearing on Dancing with the Stars. Ferguson became “obsessed” with Lysacek during the Winter Olympics. “At first I was taken by his outfits, and then I learned that Vera Wang designed them, which left me very conflicted,” the actor jokes.

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“He’s a brilliant skater, and he’s also really handsome, and he seems like a really sweet guy, so I swoon when I see him.”

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