Look at This F’in Hipster Brings Best Of Popular Blog To Print

“Is that a hipster?”

That’s the million-dollar question pondered in author Joe Mande‘s hilarious blog chronicling hipster culture, Look at this F****ng Hipster.

The Web site, since its’ inception, has become a cultural phenomenon, oft referenced in media, newspapers, blogs, with New York Magazine calling it “wholly addictive and a brilliant, era-defining blog.”

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Now, you can bring all the laughs home with Look at this F****ng Hipster the book, a collection of photos, snarky captions and short essays exploring the wide world of hipster culture, from Williamsburg to Silver Lake and points between.

Chapters in the book cover types of hipsters, celebrity hipsters, hipsters through the ages, hipster love connections, and the next generation of hipsters.

Rid Yourself Of Cell Addication Once And For All.

For more info, check out LATFH.com.

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