Lisa Rinna Puts Daughters In Reality Show

Court documents filed on Monday show that Dancing With The Stars alum Lisa Rinna is putting her daughters in a new reality show, has learned.

COURT DOCUMENTS: Read The Petition

Lisa, whose career has gone from daytime soaps to primetime dancing, is now moving forward with her reality show Harry Loves Lisa, which has been in the works for 1 and a half years.

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The show, which was picked up by TV Land, is a “reality docu-soap” showing Rinna’s life with her hubby of 11 years Harry Hamlin.  The “petition for approval of minor’s employment contract”  filed on Monday indicate that her daughters 11 year-old Delilah Belle and  8-year-old Amelia Gray will also be on the show.

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In case you’re wondering what minors make on a series like that: it’s $2,000 per episode.

By the way, Hamlin, was in the original Clash of the Titans from 1981.

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