Lesbian Lover On ‘Real Housewife’ Kim Zolciak: ‘The Truth Will Come Out’

DJ Tracy Young and Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak star agree on one thing: they’re not speaking to each other.

That’s about all the former lovers agree about.

Kim stunned many when she recently admitted to being bi-sexual and having a several-month relationship with Young. But before the surprise had worn off, the relationship was over and acrimonious statements were flying.

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In a new radio interview with The Big Tigger Morning Show, Young, when asked if she’s still with Zolciak said: “Last week we were, now we’re not.

“It (the relationship) changes from day to day. We had a deep connection for the last four months.

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“Now she’s tripping out and saying that we weren’t (together) well consider the source.”

Young indicates that she’s not happy about being accused by Kim of leaking the story of their relationship.

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“I don’t want to throw anybody under the bus,” Young said. “She’s accusing me of leaking these stories. They’re bad about me! Why would I talk bad about myself?”

The women met in December, 2009 and Young says they were both getting out of intense relationship.   Kim had been involved with married businessman Lee Najaar (also known as “Big Poppa”).

“We connected. I met her in a hotel room in L.A.,” Young says.

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“We just kinda hit it off. The Kim that I knew and the Kim that’s portrayed on TV are two different people. We started spending quite a bit of time together.”

Zolciak said about Young in a previous interview: “I said to her, ‘Look, wow, settle on down. It’s not good that we communicate. This has blown up like crazy and… I don’t ever really wanna talk to you again. I don’t appreciate all this stuff.”

But Young, in the new interview indicates she’s taking the breakup in stride.

“I think, not speaking for her, people get confused. It’s not an easy lifestyle. She’s got children.”

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