Jabra: Go To The Extreme

Our desk – and car – is littered with the skeletons of Bluetooth headsets. Some we didn’t like because of the sounds, other’s for the complicated controls, others for the fit.

Bling For Your Ears

The only one we’re using constantly is the Jabra Stone but with the new – IMPROVED! – Jabra Extreme , we’re upgrading. This incarnation utilizes Jabra’s noise cancellation technology, “Noise Blackout” with dual microphones. We know, we know, everything comes with noise cancellation these days but The Extreme also has an automatic volume control which automatically adjusts to the environment and your conversation (ie if you’re whispering to your BBF about your BF.)

We also like the voice quality for the end-user; while it eliminates ambient noise it retains natural sounding voice on both ends of the line. Less robot; more human.

Kensington’s Hands-Free Car Kit

Also, the” Ultimate-fit Eargel” molds to your ear which ensures a secure and comfortable fit but it also contains specially designed holes for optimum incoming sound.

But the absolute best dealio with the Jabra is were you keep it, which is in your car charger! It comes with a USB but also car charger so you can just leave it charging.

Available for approx. $79.

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