Hip Hop Hooray: NJ Zoo Rolls Out Rare Breeds For National Frog Month

April is National Frog Month, and New Jersey’s Essex County Turtle Back Zoo is putting a number of rare frogs on display for the annual celebration of our hoppity little green friends.

The Essex County Turtle Back Zoo has the ultra-scarce Poison Dart Frogs, like the Green and Black, Blue, Dying and Golfudulcean species available for viewing in the Reptile House, as well as calmer species, such as the White’s Tree Frog and the Vietnamese Mossy Frog that will be on display in the zoo’s classrooms.

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“Frogs are some of the world’s most fascinating creatures and give us plenty of reasons to celebrate this month,” says Dr. Jeremy Goodman, the zoo’s director. “They’ve influenced cultures, have been used for their medical properties and can even indicate environmental change because of their permeable skin. Many people don’t realize how important these animals really are.”

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