Hello Green Tomorrow Tree: Plant A Tree For A Buck

93% of the Atlantic Rainforest is gone, which has had a devastating effect on our planet, especially on global warming. What can you do? Plant a tree.
Avon has teamed up with The Nature Conservancy for Hello Green Tomorrow to plant ONE MILLION trees in this decimated rainforest. For only a dollar, you can plant a tree and help the “lungs of the earth.”

Andrea Jung, Avon’s Chairman & CEO:

“At Avon, we know the power of individual action, and the capacity for our company and for individuals to be a force for good, even through simple acts. Through our global grassroots reach, Avon is singularly positioned to empower a global women’s environmental movement to nurture nature, and to educate and to engage millions of people to contribute to the restoration of the Atlantic Rainforest– to help save the planet for as little as $1.”

It’s easy, not messy, and makes you feel good. Hey, go crazy and plant two.

Hello Green Tomorrow

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