Hailey Glassman Rips Jon Gosselin’s New Rental On Twitter

Always one to speak her mind, Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman vented her anger via Twitter on Thursday, slamming Jon for putting money into a new home when he allegedly owes her $200,000.

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As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Jon recently signed a lease on a rental property close to ex-wife Kate and their 8 kids in Reading, PA.

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Hailey must have read our exclusive story, because she immediately took to her Twitter page to attack her ex-love’s decision.

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“Hey stubby, I hope u own ur new place in PA so I can put a lien on ur property until u pay me back,” Hailey tweeted. “Seriously, this is ridic already. U really want this to be a big messy lawsuit like all ur others? I don’t want that but I want my $$ u promised n signed 2 pay back! I know u Jon the Con.”

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Hailey then pulled out some serious threats. “I truly want U out of my life but not without my $200,000 u swore n signed contracts to pay me back!” She tweeted.  “Contact Rob, Jon! May is here soon. I don’t want to sue u but will and will pull out EVERYTHING. I’ve been quiet Jon. Contact Rob.”

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Last week Gosselin filed court papers to try and win physical custody of his kids, who currently live with Kate. Some have speculated that Jon is doing this for money and thinks that by having physical custody of their children, Kate will be forced to pay him child support. But Jon’s attorney, Anthony F. List, says that’s not true.

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“Jon’s just trying to be a good guy,” List told RadarOnline.com exclusively on Thursday. “He’s not trying to take the kids away from Kate, he’s not trying to destroy the relationship they have with them.”

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