EXCLUSIVE: Wikipedia Prankster Creates Michael Lohan Page

The good news for Michael Lohan is that he’s so famous he’s got his own Wikipedia page now.

The bad news is it’s not very flattering.

RadarOnline.com discovered the page that was created Monday by a prankster. Instead of the usual biographical material and breakdown of an individual’s life, Michael’s entire entry is one phrase written repeatedly.

Click Here To See A Screenshot Of Lohan’s Wikipedia Page

The phrase is: “My dad is crazy!!” And for those of you not paying attention lately, it comes from Michael’s daughter Lindsay, whose long-running battle with her father has gone nuclear.

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Michael showed up at Lindsay’s apartment last week with Sherriff’s deputies for a “welfare check” on younger daughter Ali. That cause Lindsay to Twitter madly, attacking her dad. Michael’s ex wife Dina has joined the anti-Michael gang, telling RadarOnline.com that he’s threatening a conservatorship on Lindsay because he wants to have access to her money.

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But Michael has hired attorney Lisa Bloom and consistently has maintained that Lindsay needs help, needs to go to rehab and he wants to intervene before something tragic happens to her. He is now hoping to talk to Lindsay’s lawyer with his lawyer.

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As for his Wikipedia page, we’re betting it’s a case of fame is fleeting and someone will take it down soon.

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