EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Randy & Evi Quaid “Happy” With Trial Outcome

Randy and Evi Quaid told RadarOnline.com exclusively that they are satisfied with the overall outcome of their trial Wednesday, as all charges were dropped against Randy, while Evi was sentenced to three years probation and 240 hours of community service.

We caught up with the celeb duo following their appearance in a Santa Barbara courtroom, where Randy spoke optimistically about Evi’s community service duties, in which she working with homeless people in Los Angeles.

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“I think positive things are going to come out of it, particularly with the opportunity that Evi has to help unfortunate people in the community so I’m happy that it’s finally resolved and looking forward to moving on and getting on with our lives and putting this all behind us,” Randy said.

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In a news conference outside the court, Evi said that it was a “win-win situation,” she was “happy” about her sentence and that she can benefit from the experience. Randy and Evi also announced their plan to start a theater group for the homeless, saying that most people won’t even look the homeless in the eye, but if they are up on a stage, people will have to watch them.

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We asked Randy if he felt the recent series of events involving him and his wife would have any impact on his career.

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“Well, there’s been a lot of negative press out there about this and its I guess to be expected with the Internet age we live in and all the rest of it, but I was exonerated from all these charges and I’m not a criminal and never have been,” he said.

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On Monday, both Randy and Evi spent more than three hours in custody; Randy told us that he channeled a country legend to keep his spirits up behind bars.

“That’s a very lonely experience because so you have nothing to do,” Randy said. “I wanted something to read or something to pass the time, but there’s nothing to pass the time except whats going on inside your own head. I started looking at designs on the floor, like looking at clouds and I was singing, I had nice acoustics I was singing some Johnny Cash prison songs.”

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