EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Dancing With The Stars Evan Lysacek Hits Head; Judges Harsh On Nearly Everyone

Even with Kate Gosselin gone from Dancing with the Stars, the panel of judges — namely Len Goodman — had no shortage of scathing reviews for the remaining seven couples on Monday night’s program, and RadarOnline.com‘s Tina Malave caught up with some of them, and asked about the “constructive criticism” they received.

Monday’s episode also introduced a new element to the show, as all seven couples hit the floor simultaneously to earn extra points in a swing competition, in which the judges progressively dismissed each couple from the dance floor one-by-one.

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The couple remaining the longest on the floor received ten extra points, the couple that lasted the second-longest received nine points, and so on. (The most points a couple could receive on Monday’s show was 40 points — 30 for the dance and ten for the swing competition.)

DWTS Score Round-Up

Olympian Evan Lysacek, normally a favorite of the judges, tied for the night’s overall lowest score with 27 points — 21 for his samba, and six for the swing competition — and was told by Goodman that his performance was his “worst dance” to date. (In fairness to Lysacek, he did suffer a mild concussion when he flipped on his head during practice earlier in the week.)

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“You never know your limit until you push a little bit beyond it, and I think we did that this week,” Lysacek told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

Lysacek’s partner Anna Trebunskaya said “there’s really nothing we can do” to win over Goodman.

“It’s kind of hard to predict what pleases him,” she said. “We’ll just do what we can.”

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Another darling of the judges, Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, received the night’s highest score with a 36 — 26 for her samba dance and ten for winning the swing marathon — but still was at the wrong end of Goodman’s ire when he characterized her samba as “a hodgepodge of sexy moves and gyrations.”

Scherzinger told RadarOnline.com exclusively she was a little crossed up on the night.

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“I think with the samba, I really thought it was the salsa,” she told us. “I thought it was a different dance… I thought I could get loose with it… but its very technical.”

Dancing With The Stars returns at 8/7c Tuesday on ABC.

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