EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kelly Ripa’s Advice For Going Green — “I Like To Share The Shower!”

Daytime talk show host Kelly Ripa talked with RadarOnline.com to share some of her tips for having a green household, whether or not she will be the next Oprah, her adoration for Glee star Jane Lynch and the prospect of being on Dancing With The Stars!

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The rumor mill has been abuzz with who will take over for Oprah since she announced she will be retiring her daytime talk show queen status, but Kelly set the record straight telling RadarOnline.com that it won’t be her! “I am so happy where I am. I really cannot picture a greater life for myself. I feel very spoiled,” Kelly gushed. “I feel like everybody has their place in life and I feel like I found my place, so I wouldn’t want to change where I am.”

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In light of Earth Day coming up on April 22, Kelly has teamed up with Electrolux for the Green Idea Swap. If you visit her site, Kelly-Confidential.com every time you trade your green ideas Electrolux will donate $1 to Global Green USA and you have a chance to win an energy efficient washer/dryer set.

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As for green tips that Kelly practices at home? “I’m a married lady so I like to share my shower! It’s a great way to get your back washed and we use a lot less water in our house,” Kelly told RadarOnline.com. “The most important thing is to unplug the appliances that are not being used. People will turn off their curling iron or their hair dryer but leave it plugged in the wall. You’ve got to unplug it because it’s such a drain on the energy.”

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Be sure to watch the video to hear what Kelly has to say about being a ‘Gleek’ and whether or not we’ll see her on Dancing With The Stars!

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