EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kate Gosselin Talks Custody Battle, What She’s Looking For In A Man

We caught up with Kate Gosselin backstage at Dancing with the Stars Monday night, and the reality TV mom exclusively dished to RadarOnline.com about her upcoming custody battle, her progress on the dance floor and what kind of guy she is looking for.

Kate was shown in taped segments explaining to dance partner Tony Dovolani that her custody battle (with ex-husband Jon) are impacting her concentration in practice. We asked her what it’s like to be going through such a thing with the world watching.

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“I don’t really think here and now is the place to talk about it, but I will say this: I’m gonna give it my all and my best to everything I do and right now I’m focusing on dancing and I’ll deal with that [later],” Kate told RadarOnline.com’s Tina Malave exclusively. “When little lives grow in your belly and you grow connected to them, they’re always an extension of you, nothing will stop you from doing your best, and that’s what drives me.”

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Despite her tango racking up the night’s lowest score with 32 points, Kate told us that her gradual improvement on the dance floor has her “totally obsessed” with winning the tenth season of ABC’s hit ballroom competition.

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We asked Kate what is driving her to achieve against all odds, to which she responded: “Me. My determination; belief in me by people that — I mean, I don’t even believe in myself most of the time, and viewers and fans believe in me. Tony believes in me, he sees something in me that I don’t… I want to get this, I am like, totally obsessed now.”

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We also asked the single mom to follow up on last week’s statement that she was single and looking.

She said she’d like her next mate to be “somebody that can deal with really heavy baggage… older, wiser.

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“You just trapped me,” Kate said, laughing. “I’m not looking for anybody.”

Kate will learn if she’ll dance another week when Dancing With The Stars returns at 8/7c Tuesday on ABC.

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