EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG: 16 And Pregnant Star Tried To Hide Her Baby Bump

Kailyn was 16 and Pregnant but she tried to hide her secret.

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In her exclusive video blog for RadarOnline.com, Kailyn also discussed the effect the pregnancy had on her life. “I’m on a completely different page than all my friends, because I don’t have any friends that have babies,” she said. “None of them know what I’m going through.”

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In the beginning, she tried to hide her pregnancy by investing in a wardrobe of baggy clothes, insisting she was just gaining weight.

Her mother was furious when she found out and Kailyn felt alone. None of her friends had babies, most didn’t even have boyfriends. “It’s like I’m already at where they will be in 30 years, or in 10 years or in 20 years. I’m already there. It’s just not the same anymore,” she added.

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In fact, she no longer has anything in common with her friends who are all attending universities while she’s in a local community college. “I think I should be hanging out with older married women with children taking Isaac to the park with other mommies that have children.”

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Kailyn seems to be upbeat and isn’t complaining even though her son Isaac has some health issues. “He spits up after every time he eats because of his acid reflux,” she revealed.

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Kailyn is optimistic about her future: she’s hoping to move in with her boyfriend within two years and has her sights set on education. “I’m going to college even though I’m young and I have a baby. I can still get things done,” she said. “It might take a little longer than a normal person or a normal teenager. I’m still doing it because I know what’s best for my child.”

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