EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG: 16 And Pregnant Mom Says Day Consists Of Only Feeding & Cleaning

She was the perfect student, a member of the high school marching band and madly in love with her boyfriend Skylar, and then her dream life came to a screeching halt when she discovered she was pregnant and that her fiancé had cheated on her.

RadarOnline.com has Lizzie’s exclusive video blog from 16 And Pregnant.

In it, she says “the hardest part of being a new mom is not being able to go out every night and see your friends and having to give up your old life so quickly.”

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Lizzie attempted college but life with her daughter Summer proved too difficult.

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On our video blog, she says “Basically my day consists of feeding her and cleaning and that’s it… lots and lots of cleaning.”

Today, she’s 17 and lives in her mom’s house, she and Skylar patched things up and she says there “are no more problems we’re over all that drama.”

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She still hopes to marry her high school sweetheart, but in the meantime she’s just getting through each day with her new bundle of joy.

16 And Pregnant airs on MTV at 10 p.m. Tuesday night.

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