EXCLUSIVE: Tila Tequila In Bizarre Adoption Drama With Pregnant 15 Year Old

Tila Tequila has been talking about adopting a baby for months and RadarOnline.com has discovered a bizarre drama centered on a pregnant 15-year-old girl who contacted Tila to try to give the TV star her baby.

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The teen and Tila have had several phone conversations regarding the baby, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively. The girl told Tila she is pregnant with “a beautiful mixed race child” that Tila could take so she could “get a chance at college.”  It’s unclear how far along in her pregnancy she is, but RadarOnline.com has learned that the teen says she is terrified her religious parents will find out about her pregnancy and that is why she approached Tila.

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It’s perhaps the most bizarre turn in what has been a strange drama with questionable claims surrounding Tila’s state quest to have a child.

When contacted by RadarOnline.com, Tila said, “I told her that I cannot take her baby but that I would help her find an adoption agency. I can’t take it because I’m already adopting a baby boy that is 2-years-old and right now I don’t have time to take care of an infant.”

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But at one point in a phone conversation, RadarOnline.com learned, Tila promised to adopt the baby.

Tila explained to RadarOnline.com:  “The girl kept freaking out though so I told her I would take care of everything for her. I told her that I would adopt her baby only so she would stop freaking out, but I’ve already contacted an adoption agency for her. All it does is show that I’m a loving person who tries to help people who unfortunately take good people for granted.”

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