EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Woods Named Unsexiest Man Of The Year

Nothing is unsexier than a man that cheats on his wife with multiple women, and The Boston Phoenix agrees. RadarOnline.com has just learned that the Phoenix named Tiger Woods their number one unsexiest man of the year.

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“Tiger Woods is a fit athlete and not a bad looking guy, but the jaw dropping nature of his double life was so astounding that it revolted everybody to the point where he endangered endorsement deals,” Lance Gould, Editor-In-Chief of the Phoenix tells RadarOnline.com. “On a superficial level he was such a perfect specimen, but just one chip shot put a divot in his robotically perfect image revealing a warren of below the bunker lies. He thought he was above it all.”

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Rounding out the top five on their list in descending order is John Mayer, Kevin Smith, John Edwards and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. What about Jesse James???

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James placed number six on their annual list of ‘Top 100 Unsexiest Men’ and Gould explains to RadarOnline.com his low ranking. “In an ordinary year Jesse James could easily have been top five material, but this is a very competitive field and it’s tough to beat out the worlds most famous athlete and the man who was a condom away from the Presidency.”

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