EXCLUSIVE: The Situation Leading the House Hook-Up Contest

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is leading the Jersey Shore’s house in scoreboard hook-ups, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

EXCLUSIVE: Jersey Shore Boys Keeping A Scoreboard

On Tuesday RadarOnline.com reported that the Jersey Shore guys were literally keeping a scoreboard on the wall of the number of women they bedded.

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After the scoreboard had only been up for a week, Mike had 4, Pauly D came in second with 2 and Vinny only had one. “The ladies love ‘The Situation’, says our source. “Mike has always gotten the girls, this scoreboard just proves it.”

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RadarOnline.com reported that some of the guys are bringing home three or fours in one night. “They can’t resist the abs and his charisma,” says the source.

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It seems that Mike likes a woman in uniform. “He lets all the girls try on his gelato uniform,” says our source.

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After their sexcapades with the Shore castmates, some of the girls caught the eye of the cameramen on their way out and liked the attention.

Cast the final scoreboard in July.

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