EXCLUSIVE: Sandra Bullock Delays Divorce Filing To Work Out Deal With James

Sandra Bullock has delayed filing for divorce until now because she wants to work out an amicable deal with husband Jesse James before filing papers, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

James has been linked to five women in extra-marital affairs and the publicity from those indiscretions has been difficult for Bullock, a source told RadarOnline.com. While Sandra had her suspicions about Jesse during the marriage, she never imagined the extent of his cheating, the source said.

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Since the scandal broke Bullock has kept a low profile, canceled public appearances and met only with close friends and family. The big question is why has she not already filed for divorce?

The answer, according to the source, is she wants to work out and finish a deal with James before the papers are even filed. “She will definitely be filing divorce papers, but wants to make sure everything is lined up perfectly first so it doesn’t get messy,” the source told RadarOnline.com.

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“She wants to tie up lose ends with Jesse so the divorce is as quick and painless as possible. She wants to make sure when they divorce he won’t discuss their relationship publicly.”

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It’s a tough spot for the Oscar-winning actress because Jesse wants to save the marriage and went into sex rehab treatment at Sierra Tucson to prove he wants to change. But the source says Bullock wants out of the marriage – but wants an extremely clean break.

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That makes discussing terms of a divorce difficult if not impossible because Jesse isn’t ready to accept the marriage is over. He has said he wants his old life back, to live in the same house, with the same people. And RadarOnline.com has learned that he has been prone to fits of extreme anger when things have not gone his way lately.

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Sandra is hoping that as time passes he will accept the marriage is over and be reasonable about a divorce. The Blind Side actress has always been discreet about her personal life and that has not changed.

RadarOnline.com has been told that there are as many as 15 Jesse James mistresses in total and that some of the mistresses have been bought up to stay quiet, although it’s unclear who is silencing them. “Jesse made his bed and he has to lie in it,” the insider said. “But that doesn’t mean that Sandra has to.”

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