EXCLUSIVE: New Jesse James Mistress Revealed — Read Their Email Correspondence

Jesse James has led a secret life of cheating on his wife Sandra Bullock, and now RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained emails between Jesse and mistress number 5, a sexual relationship that went from obsession to legal action.

EXCLUSIVE EMAILS: See Jesse’s Emails With Mistress #5

Meet Merilee Gerth, mother of two, former employee of West Coast Choppers and mistress #5 to serial cheater Jesse. “Merilee looks like all of Jesse’s other mistresses,” a close friend of hers tells RadarOnline.com. “She’s in her mid to late thirties, has long black hair, blue eyes, pale skin and is covered in tattoos.

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“When Merilee ended her relationship with Jesse in mid-2007, he fired her so she hired Gloria Allred and sued him claiming sexual harassment,” the friend said. “Merilee had irrefutable evidence of her affair with Jesse so they ended up settling out of court.” That settlement was well into six figures, the friend said.

EXCLUSIVE: New Jesse James Mistress Revealed; He Was In Love With Her

Much like the other mistresses, Merilee was a topless dancer years ago in San Diego at a club called Pacers, her friend said.

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In emails exclusively obtained by RadarOnline.com, Jesse’s relationship with Merilee is chronicled through flirtatious (and more) correspondence with each other.

These emails, of course, could have been very valuable in a legal battle with Jesse.

On January 15, 2007 Jesse sent an email to Merilee that said: “Morning!……you look pretty Hot today……juss fyi.”

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Some of the more salacious emails read:

January 17, 2007
Jesse – “When are you gonna be back?”
Merilee – “Noon…..or if you want I can go later today after you leave for Laughlin. Want me to resched?”
Jesse – “Naaw isss ok just get no love anymore……”

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December 19, 2006
Jesse – “I’m cold!”
Merilee – “Do you want me to bring you a heater? I have one in my office you can use. It isn’t the best heater… but it helps.”
Jesse – “My heat is on……”
Merilee – “I put it outside of your office door. Plug it in and put it under your desk.”
Jesse – “You coulda came in……you can keep it you need it more than I do……..I’m juss being a baby.”
Merilee – “You have a ‘do not disturb’ sign up on your door.”
Jesse – “So”
Merilee – “So I’m not disturbing you!”
Jesse – “You might be…..but you’ve seen it before.”

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January 9, 2007
Jesse – “In a meeting?”
Merilee – “No…I’m done.”
Jesse – “Need anything before I split?…..”
Merilee – “Some tums.”
Jesse – “I have some special fluid that you can drink and i t makes it all better….”

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The close relationship Jesse and Merilee shared was evident through emails such as the following:

December 04, 2006
Jesse – “Hi.”
Merilee – “Hi daddy-o…how are you?”
Jesse – “Otay”
Merilee – “Dang…still on the fone with Amex…trying to straighten  out the stolen card issue. Sorry!”
Jesse – “Done with my meeting.”

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August 21, 2006
Jesse – “Ahhhhh”
Merilee – “I know!”
Jesse – “I’ll be in my bathroom fixing it my self!”

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September 04, 2006
Jesse – “I’m gonna come down in a bit……gotta take a shower…..or maybe I can juss shower at my shop?”
Merilee – “Ok, I will wait for you.”

January 15, 2007
Jesse – “Where you at?”
Merilee – “I just left. Do you need me? are you coming in after your court date tomorrow?”
Jesse – “Of coarse I always need you……yes  8am tomorrow.”

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“Only a select few get to go in Jesse’s office. That’s where Merilee and Jesse carried on their sexual relationship,” the friend tells RadarOnline.com of the West Coast Chopper owner. “Not only did he have a copy of Mein Kampf in there but he also had a Nazi uniform hanging up in his office.”

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As previously reported by RadarOnline.com, Jesse admitted to Sandra that he’d had affairs with seven women and is currently seeking treatment in a sex rehab center in Arizona in hopes of saving his marriage. Sandra had hired legal council to draw up divorce papers, but has yet to file them.

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