EXCLUSIVE: Mike “The Situation” Breaks The Law In Miami

The Jersey Shore cast is keeping up with their regime of (GTL) Gym Tan and Laundry while shooting their second season in Miami, but Jenni “J-WOWW” Farley and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino took there plans one step further.

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Radaronline.com has exclusively learned that while completing the laundry portion of their day, Mike ended up with a parking ticket.”

Jersey Shore Boys Keeping Scoreboard

“He was outside the Laundromat and parked kind of sideways and the police gave him a ticket” said a source. “He was so mad.”

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“The Situation” was frustrated because he wasn’t even going to leave the hotel that day, but was asked by J-WOWW to join him to pick up her laundry.

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“The Jersey Shore cast has to bring at least one cast member with them when they go out, they are restricted from going out on their own.” our source added.

Jenny happily completed her laundry of beach towels and Mike owes an extra $23 for double parking. There goes their drink money!

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