EXCLUSIVE: Kate’s Relatives Supervised Potty Training Episode That They Are Now Attacking

Kate’s brother and sister-in-law slammed Jon & Kate Plus 8 in testimony before Pennsylvania lawmakers on Wednesday but they personally supervised one of the incidents they heavily criticized, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

Kevin and Jodi Kreider reeled off a list of allegations against the show, claiming that it harmed the Gosselin children. One of the examples Kevin cited was that the show filmed the children’s potty training without a parent present.

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But RadarOnline.com has discovered that the potty training filming took place in the Kreider’s house and was supervised by Jodi!

Kate had taken Collin to the doctor when those scenes were shot. 

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In Wednesday’s testimony, Kevin was vociferous in his criticism of TLC and Reality TV and  used the potty training episode as a springboard for his outrage, saying: “These scenes were uploaded onto the Internet and burned onto the season’s DVD. The children’s potty training video remains to be highly viewed on the Internet.”

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But he apparently forgot it was filmed in his own house and supervised by his wife, who was known as Aunt Jodi before being booted from the show!

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It’s a red-faced moment for the Kreiders, who have constantly criticized TLC and Kate – but only since they were dropped from Jon & Kate Plus 8.

During Season 3, in an episode called Potty Training The Boys, Aunt Jodi allows cameras to film as she opens the bathroom door and asks one of the boys, “is there actually pee pee in the potty?” In a voice over Jodi says, “It was the first time they brought potties for the boys.” She then rewards them with kandy korn for going potty!

In other episodes at Jon & Kate’s house the potty scenes are more detailed and show children sitting on the potty. But Jodi clearly allows the cameras in the bathroom, talks about potty training on TV and has no problem with it.

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Kate has admitted that she is estranged from her brother Kevin.

Meanwhile,  RadarOnline.com has learned  that the  Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry will not file any charges against producers of Jon & Kate Plus 8 who had been investigated for possibly violating state child labor laws by their repeated filming of the Gosselin children during the course of the TLC series.

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State officials made the decision known in a letter issued in March, but only released on Wednesday.  The letter states that producers must obtain child-permits if they wish to film the Gosselin kids anytime  in the future. They  must also set aside a portion of the proceeds in a trust fund for the children.


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