EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Back On Kate’s Reality Show? Don’t Count On It

Jon Go$$elin is floating the idea that he would “consider” doing a reality show with ex-wife Kate but sources connected to Kate’s shows tell RadarOnline.com exclusively that Jon is going to have a long, long wait!

Jon recently filed legal papers seeking primary physical custody of his eight children and charging Kate with being an absentee mom as she appears on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

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Now his lawyer is floating the idea that Jon would be open to appearing on a reality show and in a COMPLETELY UNCONNECTED (ha ha) development he might even be willing to settle the new dispute.

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But Jon is not welcome at TLC or Discovery a source told RadarOnline.com.

“The show will go on – without Jon,” the source said. “Nobody wants him back on the air.”

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Kate’s new show is called Twist of Kate and TLC also announced they are bringing back Jon & Kate plus 8, renamed of course, as a series of specials.

As RadarOnline.com reported exclusively, Jon has spent consecutive weeks away from the kids during the past few months to hang out with then-girlfriend Morgan Christie. A review of photos and information shows he has spent far more time away from his children than Kate during the past four months so the “absentee” parent charge should be an interesting one if it ever gets argued in court.

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Jon is also running out of money. TLC and Discovery sued him for breach of contract and the prestigious Washington, D.C. law firm of Williams & Connolly won a preliminary injunction against Jon, prohibiting him from making other deals that violate the exclusivity clause of his contract.

Unlike Kate, he has been unable to land a viable TV deal and his days of “stardom” appear to be over. He spent a fortune on the lawsuit, which was settled after TLC’s court victory. Jon must abide by his contract.

Kate’s lawyer previously reacted to Jon’s new filing by questioning not only his legal argument but pointing out how Jon always seems to initiate a frivolous court action when Kate is doing well.

And while Kate has her freedom from Jon, TLC also does not want to cohabitate with him.

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“The network is done with him,” the source said. “They don’t want him back on the air in any circumstances. And there’s no way the network or Kate will allow Jon to try to twist them into putting him back on the air.”

Jon took himself off the air when he told TLC it could no longer film his children. That knocked Jon & Kate off the air, but Kate’s career continued while Jon’s came to an abrupt halt.

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