EXCLUSIVE: Jesse James Mistress’ Fighting Words To Hailey Glassman: “You’re Easy & Sleazy’

You knew this was coming.

Jesse James’ mistress Michelle Bombshell McGee is firing back at Hailey Glassman for calling her “trash” and “garbage.”

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Hailey, who is set to fight adult film star Gina Lynn in a Celebrity Boxing match on May 7, told RadarOnline.com she was furious that the organization had signed the swastika-tattooed stripper to referee the fight.

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On Tuesday, Michelle had a few fighting words of her own for Jon Gosselin’s ex-gal pal, telling RadarOnline.com exclusively:

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“Oh Hailey, you’ve talked a lot of c**p about me being trashy. Look at you, the pot calling the kettle black, as if you’re not the queen of being easy and sleazy! Let’s see how much s*** you talk when I’m refereeing your fight with Gina on May 7!”

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Glassman told RadarOnline.com that while she is contractually obligated to fight in the match, she wants nothing to do with McGee who has a swastika tattoo and the initials WP tattooed on her legs. WP often stands for White Power, although McGee denies she is a White Supremacist. McGee has been photographed wearing a Nazi arm band.

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Glassman, who is Jewish, is highly offended by McGee and confirmed she will not be attending a promotional news conference for the fight on Wednesday and plans to “make a scene” if Michelle shows up on May 7 with her controversial tattoos exposed.

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