EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Begging Ex-Husband To Leave His Wife For Her

Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee may be fighting her ex-husband Shane Modica in the courts over custody of their five-year-old son Avery – but that has not stopped her from trying to get back with him, RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal.


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The heavily tattooed stripper – who wrecked Sandra Bullock’s marriage to Jesse James – also wants to ruin her ex-husband’s union to his new hairstylist wife Lauren too, according to him!

Before she filed her most recent court papers in the couple’s bitter court battle McGee asked Modica to leave his wife and their son Gauge, 3, for a better life with her.

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Modica told RadarOnline.com: “Michelle asked me to leave my wife and son and bring Avery to live with her full-time – she’s totally deluded.

“She wants to be this ‘executive type woman’ and for me to be at home and look after the kids – to be her ‘little bi**h’ effectively.

“Michelle told me that I don’t understand how much money she can make now and that she could look after everything.

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“This whole fame thing has totally gone to her head – she is driving around in a Maserati sports car and recently bought our son a pair of shoes, a Play Station and a bed!

“She thinks that she is going to be wealthy and make tons of cash but that doesn’t matter to me as I have a stable wife and a son of our own.

“The truth is that I love Avery, my little boy with Michelle, and her other son Elijah too and I don’t wish her any ill will.

“But I believe I can provide a more stable background for our son as I have a much more settled life with my wife Lauren – Michelle wants to lead a nomadic lifestyle which is no good for kids.”

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McGee lodged papers in a San Diego court Thursday claiming that she is not the wild woman that she is being painted out to be by Modica and the rest of the world.

The mom-of-two stated that she does not do pornography in her house or webcam sessions while her kids are present and that she does not have Nazi style tattoos either.

The feuding couple has joint legal custody of their 5-year-old son Avery – which is McGee’s stripper name – and she claims that Modica wants to take him to live with his new wife and son in a different county.

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Modica added: “It’s true that I want to buy a house in Temecula but only because I believe the schools are better there.

“I will still have my tattoo business in San Diego and would allow Michelle access to see our son – this could all get sorted out if she put the kids first.

“Michelle thinks that that I am trying to control her but my life has moved on now – she has lived in several different places in recent years and doesn’t really provide any stability.

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“Elijah has been in several different schools and I don’t want that to happen to Avery because it could mess him up.

“His teachers have written to me to say that our son cries when his mom picks him up from school and that he is not clean when she has him.

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“The truth is that Michelle is not a bad person but she has problems. I worry about her safety and the kids too at all times.

“People at the court have told me to go to Child Protective Services but I don’t want all that drama I just wish Michelle would see reason but she can’t.”

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