EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Hailey Glassman Furious Jesse James’ Swastika-Tattooed Mistress To Ref Her Boxing Match

Jon Gosselin’s former gal pal, Hailey Glassman, is getting ready to participate in a celebrity boxing match but she’s already come out swinging – against the referee.

Hailey told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview that she is furious Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is going to ref her upcoming match.

“She stands for trash,” Hailey said.

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McGee, also known as Jesse James mistress number 1, has a swastika tattoo, as RadarOnline.com was first to report. She has also been photographed with a swastika armband and accused of supporting White Power.

That doesn’t sit well with Glassman who is Jewish, and calls McGee “garbage” in her interview with RadarOnline.com.

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“If I had known that garbage like Michelle Bombshell was going to be involved I never would have agreed to do it,” Hailey told RadarOnline.com about her upcoming boxing match against adult film star Gina Lynn. The event is scheduled to take place May 7.

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Hailey continued: “When I was first asked to do it (the celebrity boxing match) I thought it’d be a lot of fun. It was for charity, I’d be helping others.

“I’m a young, Jewish woman! That Nazi picture (of McGee) brought me to tears. I believe in equality and that everyone should be treated equally.

“When they first approached me to do this event I was told that the ref would be some random person. Next thing I know it’s this girl with a swastika tattoo and a Nazi arm band.

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“She better have everything covered up on the day of the match because if she comes near me with that stuff showing I’ll make a scene and walk out. I don’t care if I get sued. I will NOT be associated with anti-Semitism. I want out of this event. I don’t want to do it anymore but I’m contractually obligated.

“I take anti-semitism very seriously. We are living in 2010. You have all different types of people living together and I just take a strong stance for equality.”

McGee denies supporting White Power despite her swastika tattoo and the initials WP tattooed on her legs.

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Hailey told RadarOnline.com she sees zero comparison between her former relationship with Jon Gosselin and McGee’s with Sandra Bullock’s husband.

“I didn’t cheat with Jon Gosselin,” Hailey told RadarOnline.com. “My parents were kind enough to take him into their home where I was also living when he separated from Kate.

“These women are mistresses,” she said about McGee and the other women linked to James. “And the media is giving this trash [McGee] attention!

“I think it’s disgusting and unfathomable. I think the media is actually being kind to this girl compared to what they did to me.”

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