EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Dina Lohan: “Michael Wants Lindsay’s Money”

Dina Lohan is blasting her ex-husband Michael Lohan for seeking a conservatorship over their daughter Lindsay.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Dina says Michael wants to gain control over Lindsay’s finances because “he’s broke.”

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“He’s due in court next month for a child support hearing. He hasn’t paid in 11 months and the judge told him that he better show up with money. I mean they throw guys in jail for not paying 50 bucks a month. I don’t know how he’s avoided jail this long,” Dina told RadarOnline.com. “They’ve taken away his passport and his drivers license because he’s in arrears. He wants Lindsay’s money to pay his child support.”

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Dina says she isn’t worried about a judge granting Michael a conservatorship. “Let him do whatever he wants,” she said. “He’s a 3-time felon and the reason he went to jail was because he robbed people of their money! Any judge that would give him a conservatorship needs to have their head examined.”

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Dina says she’s actively seeking a restraining order against Michael following his attempt to ambush Lindsay and younger daughter Ali at Lindsay’s apartment last Thursday.

Dina claims Lindsay’s landlord has since made plans to file a restraining order against Michael.

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As for Lindsay’s current state of mind, Dina says, “How would you feel if that were your father? I think it speaks for itself. But the thing is, we’ve always had orders of protection in place against Michael. Lindsay’s had one since she was 18. My children have had to deal with this their entire lives. But this time, Michael’s gone too far. He’s relentless and he’s going to hurt someone if he’s not stopped.”

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